Find Your Fit

Find Your Fit

Choosing an eyewear that complements the shape of your face is the most important part about selecting anew sunglass. To find the best sunglasses for your face, you will need to determine your face shape, and match that shape to a style of sunglasses.


Round Shape - The round face shape has noticeable curves and less defined angles. The best sunglasses for round faces avoid curved features, to make your face appear narrower and longer, go for angular, narrow frame styles. A clear bridge will also help to emphasize your eyes, while frames that are more rectangular and wider will balance the shape of the face.

Square Shape - Square shaped faces are generally about the same length and width across the face — they are characterized by a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. You should avoid square styles, which will look out of balance with the rest of the face. And instead of darker acetate frames, perhaps opt for metal frames with a thin profile. The best sunglasses for square faces are round or oval shaped - this helps round out the sharpness of the face for a more balanced look. Examples of styles that would work well for square faces are aviators, butterflies, round or any frame style that favors oval or circular curves. Center or top set temples are the way to go with a square face.

Oval - Oval faces have it made because literally every sunglass looks awesome! Oval faces have gently rounded, fairly even features, and pretty much any sunglass is going to work well on them. Designer to sport, fashion to function, everything works. To maintain this natural balance, choose sunglasses which are as wide, or slightly wider, as the broadest part of your face. Also consider oversized or bold shapes, such as aviators.

Heart - Heart-shaped faces, sometimes called triangle, are widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin. The best sunglasses for heart and triangle shaped faces feature wide lower edges with no straight lines along the top because they shift attention downward and elongate the face. Cat-eye styles or sunglasses that feature rounded edges are ideal for giving the wearer a more balanced look. This face shape will be best served with shield, butterfly, rimless, or aviator styled frames to broaden the lower part of your face, frames which are bottom heavy.